by Rod D. Martin
May 9, 2018

Past 24 hours:

1. 3.9% unemployment, lowest in decades; and also lowest African American unemployment EVER.

2. Record tax collection in April: the tax cut is NOT blowing up the deficit and in fact is doing exactly what we said.

3. The wretched Iran Deal is over. The entire Middle East (including Iranian pro-democracy protestors, but excluding terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas) is cheering.

4. Mike Pompeo is returning this morning from North Korea with our three just-released captives.

5. President Trump announces he won’t even meet with Kim unless he’s ready with a real plan for denuclearization (i.e., not the BS Iran pulled). Immediately the two sides agree on a time and place for the first-ever meeting.

Oh, and also immediately, Democrat and NeverTrump heads explode, with people like Jeff Flake suddenly opposing conservative policies they previously campaigned for, just because Trump is actually doing them.

Trump Triumphant originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.