by Rod D. Martin
April 29, 2020

Tara Reade and Joe Biden show that all of the left’s “concern” about the needs of women, and about bringing abusers to justice, is purely political. They do not want justice of any sort. They want power.

Which makes you question those on our side who give into and even advocate the left’s highly selective anti-justice and anti-biblical demands for the abolition of any sort of due process. Why do they join in so readily? Is it virtue signaling? Are they really on the other side? Why are they blown about by every passing wind, every new fashion an anti-Christian and anti-American media promotes to them?

I have no idea if Joe Biden, or Brett Kavanaugh, or Roy Moore are guilty. I know they’re sinners, so perhaps they are. But I believe you’re innocent until proven guilty, so I make no accusation against Joe Biden. 

My accusation is against those who condemned Moore on evidence that was shown and admitted to be forged, those who condemned Kavanaugh though no evidence ever appeared and almost every one of his accusers confessed they’d lied, those Republicans and Christians who condemned Moore because they didn’t like him and because it was popular to do so but supported Kavanaugh because he was a Bush acolyte and “socially acceptable”… 

And now, those who loudly proclaimed #BelieveAllWoman, and #ChurchToo, but stand absolutely silent when an actual, corroborated, credible accusation is leveled against the opponent of someone they hate.

Where are you Russell Moore? J.D. Greear? The rest of you? Where’s your “Caring Well” conference to support Tara Reade? Or even a single tweet, like the one that rushed to condemn an innocent Nick Sandman?

Crickets. And that tells us everything. Not about Tara Reade and Joe Biden, or Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh, or even Paige Patterson and Jerry Vines.

It tells us everything about you.

Justice or Power? originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.