by Rod D. Martin
April 25, 2020

For those of you blaming Donald Trump for the COVID death count, consider this.

In New York, which accounts for over 1/3 of all Coronavirus deaths all by itself, the media’s hero Governor Cuomo forced every nursing home and assisted living facility in the state to take in Coronavirus patients without even allowing them to ask whether those patients had the disease or had been tested. They did this on less than 24 hours notice, allowing the homes no chance to set up any quarantine measures or prepare in any way. 

In the name of some fake “civil right”, Andrew Cuomo deliberately infected as many elderly people — the most vulnerable by far — as he could. And the death count shows he succeeded.

This is normal Socialist practice now. Like California recently decriminalizing the act of intentionally infecting a sex partner with HIV without that partner’s knowledge or consent. Yes, that’s a license to get your sexual thrills through murder, granted by the Democrat Party in power. (To be fair, it’s not that big a step from abortion.)

Meanwhile, we were breathlessly told that 465,000 Floridians would be hospitalized by now. That number is about 2,000. My own kid is a department chair at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and they’ve closed down their COVID task force because no one needs it. So don’t tell me that’s “Trump BS”. The hospitals are empty, not treating anything but corona and not having any corona patients to treat.

49,000 people have died in America of COVID so far, over 16,000 in New York alone. There are only three states besides New York with more than 2,000 deaths, all blue, two of them contiguous to New York. 40 states are under 1,000, 32 of them much under 300, 17 of them much under 100.

The Enemedia is focusing all its fire on Trump and governors like Ron DeSantis, and completely ignoring that this is happening almost entirely in Democrat-run states that are doing everything wrong, that three of those states (NY, NJ and MI) account for half of the entire national total, that the second and third largest states in America (TX and FL, both Republican) account for just 3.5% of the death count COMBINED, and that the worst state by far, accounting for more than a third all by itself, is led by the untouchable Mr. Cuomo, who has done everything imaginable to make that state’s nightmare.

Or to put that another way, it’s not Donald Trump mandating the infection of seniors. And it’s not Republican governors with massive death counts.

The Enemedia’s COVID Blame Game originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.