by Rod D. Martin
January 9, 2018

In his final year, while bragging about all of his supposed success with the economy, Barack Obama managed 1.6% economic growth. The post-WWII average is 3%. Jamie Dimon is now predicting 4% for 2018.

What do those numbers mean?

Well, let’s put it in terms of how fast the size of the entire U.S. economy doubles, thus creating new jobs and new opportunities for everyone, especially young people graduating from high school and college.

At 4%, the economy doubles in just 19 years.
At 3%, the economy doubles every 25 years.
At 1.6%, the economy doubles in…just under 50 years.

That means that at 4%, a child born today will have twice as much opportunity by the time she’s looking for a job; but at Obama-level “growth”, someone can work their whole life and retire before that happens.

These numbers matter, a lot. They’re the difference between meaningful hope and tangible progress, and widespread lethargy and dependence.

Which do you want for your children? For yourself?


Dimon thinks even his own economist at J.P. Morgan is dead wrong about GDP, predicts 4% U.S. growth
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— 4% U.S. Growth originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.