by Matt Wilson
January 9, 2018

President Trump understands that when he tweets the most outrageous thing to 46.1 million Twitter followers, his enemies will repeat it over and over again in their #ResistTrump echo chamber.

The press, in turn, must report his tweet as written since it is “YUGE” news. When they do, journalists— shocked by the President’s unorthodox comments—invariably reveal any biases (liberal, conservative, or otherwise) that they would have been disinclined to reveal.

This enables the President and the public at large to ascertain which journalists are more like the opportunistic Michael Wolff as opposed to the objective Brit Hume. In effect, the President is separating the wheat from the chaff.

Beyond this, the President knows that his base is concerned only with the bottom line. If the market soars, the nation’s defense is strong, regulations are cut, conservative judges are appointed, and Israel is honored, the #MAGA base couldn’t care less about his tweets.

On the other hand, the #Resistance gets so riled that they’ll throw any stone they can find — right now — using up all their ammo and thereby inoculating the President from any real political threat in the process.

Moreover, the President’s tweets encourage a Katie-Bar-The-Door Democratic primary. After all, if Dems universally believe he is dumber than dirt, then they must also believe that ANY Democrat could beat him. Thus every Democrat with White House ambitions will try. When they do, they will destroy each other — just as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton did.

The President knows he’s the leader everyone loves to hate. So instead of treating liberal hatred as a liability — by apologizing repeatedly for who he is — he treats their disdain like a weapon.

By tweeting anything off the wall, President Trump knows that his detractors will focus on that instead of what he’s doing as POTUS. So while he is cutting regulations, implementing immigration policy, getting DOJ to investigate Hillary Clinton, appointing appellate judges at a record pace — basically doing what he promised — his opponents are wasting their political capital by harping about #Russia or the #25thAmendment

(Incidentally, the more they discuss Russia, the more they tacitly imply that Mr. Obama dropped the ball. For if Mr. Putin did pick our next president, he did so on Mr. Obama’s watch while the 44th President wasn’t looking. But I digress.)

By the time Mr. Trump’s enemies figure this out, it will be too late to stop it. By then, conservative policies will have been enshrined in the Code of Federal Regulations, the United States Code, and Supreme Court case law.

Lastly, since the President is predictably unpredictable, world leaders have no way of gauging him. As a result, failed geopolitical paradigms are shifting, because no one can be certain that a tweet won’t lead directly to action.

By not coddling North Korea, for example, the President’s “nuclear button” tweet has pushed Kim to begin bilateral talks with Seoul, something the North has steadfastly refused to do for 65 years.

Does President Trump sometimes seem like a rodeo clown? Sure; but those accusing him of such fail to grasp the vital role rodeo clowns play, distracting the bull from the rider. He “plays the fool” not because he is one, but because he knows he is the ONLY person who can take one for the team, allowing the team to win, again and again, against a Deep State/Enemedia complex bent on his — and his agenda’s — total defeat.

And that truly makes him a #StableGenius.


— Matt Wilson is an attorney from Starkville, Mississippi.