by Rod D. Martin
February 15, 2021

Question: Why should we be involved in politics at all if the elections can just be stolen? The fraud must be fixed!

Answer: Because in most of the country you do not have a fraud problem.

Having been intimately involved in trying to overturn the fraud in the last election, I have written unendingly about that. Indeed, a number of us have been writing about the dangers of electronic voting machines for 25 years, and have been largely unheeded by Republicans, who were absolutely oblivious to my warnings (and, ironically, the warnings of a lot of people in the leftwing media, who assumed Trump would use those machines to steal the election, until they decided the things were 100% safe after their own side did it).

However, those problems were (obviously) confined to a handful of jurisdictions. That will change if HR-1 passes, as I have discussed elsewhere. We have to defeat that, and I remain hopeful that we can.

In the meantime, in the vast majority of the country where fraud is not a major issue, we still have a great deal of regular politics to do, and yes it does matter. Refusing to pay attention to more than just the big headline issues — like the Presidency — is how Republicans allowed Soros and pals to take over so many Attorney General, Secretary of State, prosecuting attorney and elected judicial positions in the first place, without which the election could not have been stolen.

Soros has been very open about his project — and immense funding of it — to elect those positions for well over a decade. Republicans shrugged, and it cost them the 2020 election, not just for President but also four Senate seats (and thus Senate control), House control, and an unknown number of local races.

So again, yes it matters.

And yes, the fraud must be fixed: I cannot express to you how overwhelmingly essential that is. But we have to use the tools available to us to do so, while we still can.

If They’re Stealing Election, Why Bother Voting? originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.