by Rod D. Martin
February 14, 2021

One more point about primaries (and third parties):

Usually, voter turnout in primaries is way under 30%. And then the people who didn’t get their way complain and call for third parties.

Hey losers: if you couldn’t get your people out (or even bother to vote yourself) in a primary, where you already had a built-in chance to take out the Establishment guy, why do you think you can organize an entirely new political party and take him out that way?

Answer: you can’t. Because you’re all talk.

Figure out how the system works, and then work it. Like we did for Cruz, Rubio, DeSantis, Dave Brat (who beat the House Majority Leader in his own primary!) and countless others.

Oh, and like Donald Trump. You know, the guy who was supposed to either drop out or come 17th out of 17.


Primaries and Third Parties originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.