by Rod D. Martin
February 13, 2021

In response to my last post, someone told me that going after other Republicans in the primary hurts the party. To which I say, bunk.

That’s what they said to Rubio when he challenged Charlie Crist. Rubio was 30 points down for much of that campaign. First they said he was an idiot for running. Then he got close and they said he’d throw the election to the Democrats. Then he won.

It’s what they said about Ron DeSantis, who was 20 points down just one month before his primary against Jeb!’s pick. Oh wait, he won too.

It’s what they said about Ted Cruz when he ran against the most powerful Republican in Texas. He started 20 points down and was dismissed. Then he got close and they fretted about a Democrat sneaking in and taking the seat. And then, oh wait, he won.

Primaries are healthy. For both parties. They increase involvement, turnout, donations and on-the-ground organization needed to win the general election.

The only people who say otherwise are incumbents, their sycophants, and amateurs who don’t know jack about how things really work.

Primaries are how We The People take charge of our own Party and our own future. And that’s true for both sides.

And if more Republicans understood the value and power of primaries, (a) RINOs would be nearly extinct, and (b) we’d win more general elections too, because a victorious primary challenger comes out of it with an emboldened, enthusiastic base and crazy levels of momentum; and because general election voters don’t want Democrat-lite. If they wanted a Democrat, they’d vote for a real one.

Like the rest of us, general election voters want a choice, not an echo.


General Election Voters Want a Choice, Not an Echo originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.