by Rod D. Martin
February 29, 2008

Here’s a really insightful piece — a three-page essay for the leftist Time magazine — by George Bush’s most unlikely fan, Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof. Geldof and pal Bono are among the world’s most dedicated activists in the cause of relieving African suffering, and both take the view that George W. Bush has done more for Africa than anyone else alive.

Which, of course is true; although, as Geldof points out, you (tragically) aren’t likely to know it.

Geldof’s rather strong differences with Bush come through loud and clear in the essay, which only serves to highlight all the more the degree of his admiration for the President, the transformative nature of what the Administration has done in Africa, and the degree to which this foreigner is willing to work “across the aisle” in an important cause when his American co-partisans are not. Demonizing your opponents has become the first resort of the American left. It would appear Bob Geldof didn’t get the memo.