by Rod D. Martin
February 29, 2008

Michelle Obama, who used to work for one of the most prestigious law firms in America, told a group of young supporters at a local day-care center they should avoid the professions and “corporate America” and instead pursue careers as social workers and so forth.

More leftist “do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do” of course, but it rings a little hollow from the well-heeled Mrs. Obama, who proceeded to moan and cry for a bit about how much she has to spend on piano and dance lessons for her two children, an amount equivalent to almost 1/3 of the median household income of the town in which she was speaking.

Barack Obama could not be where he is today if he’d followed Michelle’s advice to these young women, who live in a town where only 12.2% of adults have a college degree and 20% are high school dropouts. But this is the left’s line, from Chicago to Cambodia to Chelyabinsk: the proletariat should “serve the needs of society”, while the elites should organize everyone for the greater good.

Has it ever occurred to you that socialism is just the old aristocracy, dressed up for a politically correct age?