by Rod D. Martin
November 12, 2018

So the Democrats stole the Arizona Senate race from the Republicans and from Martha McSally.

They were able to do this with virtually no opposition, because the Republican Party in Arizona is dominated by John McCain acolytes: Establishment RINOs who would rather have their heads cut off by a samurai sword than disagree with or in any way question a Democrat.

These are the people who ran our party at the national level for most of 1988-2016. They aren’t self-aware enough to wonder why we hate them. They also don’t care that the proles hate them: they’re too busy begging for scraps from their masters’ tables. “Please let us come to your cocktail parties. Pllleeeaassse!”

Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott will probably win because they’re thoroughly unimpressed. They don’t care if they aren’t on the lapdog list, and they aren’t willing to tamely submit to the left’s swirlies so they can hang out with the cool kids. They don’t think leftist insiders ARE the cool kids. They think you are.

That’s why they fight.

— Democrats Stole the Arizona Senate Race originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.