by Rod D. Martin
November 13, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron’s attack on “nationalism” is as disingenuous as it is telling.

Contrary to Macron, Nationalism is the belief that America shouldn’t be ruled from London, that Poland shouldn’t be ruled from Berlin, that Algeria shouldn’t be ruled from Paris, that China shouldn’t be ruled from Tokyo, that Ukraine (or the entire world) shouldn’t be ruled from Moscow. Nationalism equals independence.

Macron is opposed to independence. Macron believes in “globalism”, which is increasingly demonstrated to be another name for an older ideology: imperialism. Imperialism/globalism is the belief that countries should be subordinated to an unelected elite in a distant foreign capital. It was the dominant view of all of Europe from before Roman times until long after the United States rescued the French Empire from the most recent version of the German Empire (the “Third Reich”, or Third Empire).

For a time, “progressives” pretended that “progressive” didn’t mean “socialist”. Globalists pretend that “globalism” doesn’t mean “imperialist”. And all of them pretend that the fascists weren’t socialist imperialists. It’s all a verbal shell game so they can sell you the same evils in new shiny wrappers.

America threw off rule by a distant foreign elite in 1776. We cooperated with foreign nations to achieve that, and we still cooperate with nations around the world. But we have always — from the beginning — been opposed to imperialism: we helped the nations of Europe become free from the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires, we liberated the nations of Europe from the Third Reich, we pushed our own allies — Britain and France — to liberate their colonies around the world, and we ultimately defeated the Soviet Empire, not just globally but within the USSR itself, helping 15 nations breathe free.

That was nationalism, the death of empires and imperialism.

Macron hates all of that, because he hates America’s role in dismantling the French Empire in the years after World War II, and because he seeks to establish a new European Empire based in Brussels.

Do not listen to the American elitists who share his sentiments. They would lead you down a path we abandoned 250 years ago. And why? Because they hope to rule you.

— Macron’s Attack on “Nationalism” originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.