by Rod D. Martin
October 29, 2015

I can’t stress enough: the CNBC vs. GOP debate was entirely the RNC’s fault. They took over the debates — for the first time ever — claiming that it was to prevent exactly the sort of “attack debate” we saw last night, with the supposed moderators acting as an Inquisition. And yet somehow, we just had the worst such performance anyone has ever seen.

Reince Priebus should be mortally ashamed. And then, he or someone should explain to us why we allow these so-called “journalists” to “moderate” in the first place. What is stopping us from having panels made up of people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Hewitt, or any of a thousand other qualified people who do not automatically assume (like the insufferable John Kasich) that every single Republican idea is aberrant, crazed and desperately unpopular? Do you think that picking a friendly panel is going to stop these companies from covering what is consistently one of the highest-rated events on television?

The Beltway Establishment constantly tells us that the people on that stage are a “clown car” and that debates hurt our general election chances. Could Rush be right that they actually prefer that Hillary win? Because last night, they did their best to make their opinion a self-fulfilling prophesy. Kudos to the candidates for turning the tables.

Ed Meese has more to say here, complete with video plus a brief transcript of some of the most shameful questioning of the night.