by Rod D. Martin
October 4, 2018

Okay folks. Now that the FBI has completely cleared Brett Kavanaugh — for the SEVENTH time — and now that you’ve seen how far the Democrats will go to destroy someone — their life, their career, their family, everything — if he happens to get in their way, ignoring any pretense of due process or corroboration of allegations or anything at all that might stand in the way of winning…

…do you begin to understand what Mueller’s Russia probe is all about?

Two years. Zero evidence of any sort of collusion. Proof of widespread politicization and corruption at the DOJ and FBI, about which no Democrat cares. And yet it rolls on.

This is who the Democrats are now. They said they were Socialists, and they meant it.

Don’t let them have power. They’ll use it, ruthlessly. Against you.


— How Far the Democrats Will Go to Destroy Someone originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.