by Rod D. Martin
July 19, 2018

As I’ve predicted since back when “Peak Oil” was the “settled science” of the day, not only has America become the world’s largest oil producer, more than doubling daily production (which was supposedly impossible), but Texas — all by itself — is now the world’s third largest producer, ahead of Iraq and Iran and behind only Saudi Arabia and Russia.

That’s doing far more to change the geopolitical situation — in our favor — than all the summits and alliances in the world. And you can thank technology, innovation and capitalism, whereby supply and demand conquered “settled science” yet again.

Who can’t you thank? Democrats, who sold that “settled science” lie, and who tried to ban all of this. Funny enough: the “this” — fracking — has also made America the world’s top natural gas producer (they hate gas too), which just reduced U.S. carbon emissions to 1985 levels despite massive economic growth. That too was said to be impossible — emissions “could not” drop without severely reducing everyone’s standard of living, not to mention eliminating “fossil fuels” — especially since we refused to pass a carbon tax and pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords.

Meanwhile, all those other countries, who did what Obama, Gore and Merkel told them? What about their carbon emissions? Up up up.

If you want to complain about problems, be a Democrat/Socialist. If you want to solve problems, be a Republican/Capitalist.

Oh, and #DontMessWithTexas.


CNN: Texas to Pass Iraq and Iran as World’s No. 3 Oil Powerhouse
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— U.S. Oil Production Surges originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.