by Rod D. Martin
December 9, 2015

I have said for years that the only secure election is one with paper ballots, photo IDs and (ideally) indelibly inked thumbs (such as we required in Iraq and Afghanistan). That last bit also requires the elimination of early voting.

Enter Argonne National Laboratory, which in this short video demonstrates how easy it is to hack a voting machine (and actually leaves out some other ways that might be easier). No voting machine is secure, no matter how many lazy county clerks and lying Diebold salesmen tell you otherwise.

Stalin was famous for noting, “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.” Hillary and Democrats in general are easily as ruthless as Stalin when it comes to gaining and keeping power – for that’s all that matters to them. That’s why they are hysterically against Voter ID, while requiring photo IDs for absolutely everything else.

It’s time to fix this. A few hundred votes have decided a great many important elections in the last 15 years. Isn’t it time we made sure they were legitimate?