by Rod D. Martin
July 17, 2018

President Trump just:

1. Dramatically increased U.S. defense spending against Russia.

2. Arm-twisted NATO into doing likewise (for which even the New York Times praised him, and blasted Obama for failing to do).

3. Provided anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, which Obama refused to do even while “talking tough”.

4. Killed a couple hundred Russian soldiers who crossed the line in Syria.

5. Called out Angela Merkel for making Germany a hostage to Russian energy supplies, by shutting down her domestic energy production in favor of Russian natural gas and sending Russia countless billions of dollars (subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer) for it.

6. Offered to replace that Russian natural gas with American NG, which is only possible because under Trump, America has become the world’s top producer and one of the world’s top exporters, thus further eroding the Russian economy (which is dependent on energy exports).

7. Imposed some of the toughest sanctions on Russia in U.S. history.

8. Expelled 60 Russian diplomats in response to Russia’s assassination of one of its own former spies in the UK.

BUT…refusing to scream at Putin, or maybe punch him in the face, at a press conference makes him “a traitor.”

And given the level of hostility I’ve just described, between the world’s two leading nuclear powers, isn’t it wise of the President to be seeking to resolve issues, not stoke them?

When top Democrat donor Tom Steyer said he hoped for a “nuclear war” if that’s what it took to beat Trump in 2020, he was dead serious. He’s not the only one.


— President Trump and Russia originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.