by Rod D. Martin
October 31, 2020

Those of you who are afraid of Trump’s “dictatorial tendencies”, answer this:

COVID gave Trump the opportunity to actually become a dictator. He could have done — and still could do — absolutely anything. He could have taken absolute power in the name of “public health” and everyone would have cheered.

Indeed, his biggest critics are upset that he didn’t. They say he “murdered people” by NOT taking unconstitutional power from the states and acting, well, like a dictator.

According to them, he’d have had universal support. But even if that’s a lie, it’s obvious he could have gotten away with it. Who would have stopped him? And since the Democrats say we should be locked down for years, he could have kept that power indefinitely. So if he’s a wannabe dictator, why didn’t he?

Likewise, why did he respect Constitutional limits on his power to stop the riots? Why has he slashed regulations? Why has he installed judges who respect Constitutional limits instead of an expansive view of his power?

The dictator argument is officially dead, forever. COVID killed it.

Don’t let anyone get away with it. It’s a transparent lie. And after you point it out, they’re either going to have an epiphany or they’re going to have to decide to be intentional liars.


The Dictator Argument originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.