by Rod D. Martin
August 20, 2021

Democrats, #NeverTrumpers and #EvangelicalsForBiden (but I repeat myself) waxed eloquent about how Donald Trump was breaking NATO by demanding (wait, what?!) that our NATO allies spend more to defend the alliance against Russia.

Net result: the alliance now spends more to defend itself against Russia.

By contrast, Joe Biden slashed U.S. energy exports to Europe, thus forcing our allies into greater dependence on Russian supplies (and greater funding of Russia’s budgets), while green lighting Russia’s most cherished foreign policy aim, the Nord Stream II pipeline (while canceling pipelines here). How Germany will ever be able to tell Russia “nein” now is difficult to imagine.

And now, Biden’s handling of the Afghan pullout genuinely threatens the existence of NATO in anything but name.

Where are those Democrats, #NeverTrumpers and #EvangelicalsForBiden (but I repeat myself) now?

Nowhere. Silent. Because they don’t care about any of those things.

They only care about power. Over you.


How Biden Broke NATO

Trump Strengthened NATO. Biden Threatens Its Existence. originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.