by Rod D. Martin
September 13, 2018

The claim that 2,975 people died in Puerto Rico’s hurricane is absolutely fake. And Donald Trump is right to say so.

64 people died in Hurricane Maria. Sixty-four. Democrats didn’t like that number, so they cooked up a “computer model” that gave them the number they wanted, conveniently timed just before the 2018 election.

Ask yourself: if as many people died in Puerto Rico as died on 9/11, or at Pearl Harbor, where are the obituaries? Where are the funerals? Where are the mourning loved ones?

Where are they?

At the same time, those same Democrats are claiming (in the Washington Post) that Trump is “complicit” with…wait for it…Hurricane Florence. Yes, the WaPo editorial board says that Trump conspired with…the weather.

Why? Well, he doesn’t buy their position on “Climate Change”. Nevermind that his policies have resulted in America plunging far below its Paris targets for CO2 emissions, even if we aren’t part of the (bogus) treaty. (Nearly all of our “climate partners” in that terrible deal are emitting far more CO2 than they promised: the U.S. under Trump leads the world in reductions.)

In other words, all of this is pure politics. Which would be bad enough if it were coming from the DNC, or Maxine Waters, or Andrew Gillum. But it isn’t. It’s coming from major institutions that trade on their nonexistent objectivity. When you pretend you’re not political, but actually you’re all-political-all-the-time, you’re deliberately deceiving those listening to you. That’s called fraud. Lying.

That’s why Trump calls it #FakeNews (well, that plus the fact that the term drives them bonkers). Everyday Americans may not be paying close attention to whether they can trust this or that “computer model”, but they can certainly understand fakery and fraud. The fact that the President puts it on an 8th grade level — like our speech and writing classes taught us all to do, but hardly anyone actually does — just proves he mastered his Ivy League education better than did the likes of John Kerry or George W. Bush.

But the bottom line remains: 64 people died in Puerto Rico, not 2,975. 2,911 missing obituaries and 2,911 missing funerals prove it. And no, Donald Trump did not “conspire” with a hurricane. These are claims so ridiculous as to need no refutation…except that those making the claims are people in authority, grossly abusing that authority and the public trust it gives them, to deceive.


Daily Mail: Trump says claim Puerto Rico hurricane killed 2,975 people is FAKE
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— Trump Is Right: The Claim That 2,975 People Died in Puerto Rico is #FakeNews originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.