by Rod D. Martin
November 8, 2006

A friend of mine makes the following good point, and my response is important enough to make public:

The GOP deserves what they got (sorry Rod) – they moved to the middle and got caught in the act.

No, the GOP leadership deserves what they got. But in case you haven’t noticed, you and I are the GOP, and we most definitely did NOT deserve — nor did many good men and women like Michael Steele deserve — what we got.

The conservative majority was in evidence last night, as 7 of 8 marriage amendments passed, and as most of the Democrats who won ran as conservatives. The only people who have not realized America has a serious conservative majority who wants to see solid, serious conservative change are the leaders like Denny Hastert and Ken Mehlman who are still trying to fight the last war (no, two wars ago) and “run to the middle”.

Well, they’re going to get to run home today.

“The Republicans” aren’t the issue, because we are the Republicans. The Republican leaders are the issue. And it is time for them to go.