by Rod D. Martin
October 12, 2018

Democrats are very upset that Republicans are pointing out the actual cost of their “Medicare For All” plan, which nationalizes healthcare and which has been endorsed by almost all major Democrat Presidential contenders. Yes, they’re running on full-on socialized medicine.

So what is that cost? Four times the entire U.S. defense budget, in new spending. So much that outright doubling all federal taxes wouldn’t be enough to pay for it.

And that’s just the first year. Because as you know, the cost of federal programs always goes up, not down, and the early projections are always lower than reality.

So understand clearly: letting the Democrats win means terrible healthcare, plus your personal impoverishment.

But hey! “Free healthcare”! You know, “free” in the Venezuelan sense of “free”.


— The Price of “Medicare for All” originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.