by Rod D. Martin
June 18, 2019

There is a column at the Christian Post right now whose headline suggests we value women less than we do men. I would like to point out — in one small but telling way — just how absurd that lie truly is.

We teach our sons that they are to willingly give their life to protect women. Not just women close to them: any woman. We teach them that they are to do so in dark alleys. We teach them that they are to do so on battlefields, and in parking lots. If there is a home invasion, they are to die that the women and children may live. If their ship is sinking, “women and children first” is the rule: they get the lifeboats, not the men.

If a grenade is tossed into this room right now, I am to fall on it to protect the women. To do otherwise is the height of dishonor.

And what do we teach our daughters? To run to safety.

Now many of us also teach our daughters self-defense. And some of our daughters become good at it, and join the Army, and do other heroic things. I applaud them. But they are not expected to do so. Men are.

That’s how much Christian morality values women. It’s not the only way we do so, nor is it enough by itself, nor does it make up for anything we sometimes do wrong.

But we do this. We teach our sons that they are honor-bound to give their life at any moment for any woman’s.

That’s a pretty high valuation.

And who is it who tells us that such ideas are wrong, that such protection is actually offensive?

The same leftists who tell us we don’t value women, that’s who.

Perhaps the Christian Post should give that some thought.

The Christian Value of Women originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.