by Rod D. Martin
December 29, 2006

One of the great murderers of the 20th (and briefly, the 21st) Century met his end tonight as 25 million freed Iraqis spoke through their elected leaders and independent judiciary in the execution of the fallen tyrant Saddam Hussein.

It is at once a solemn moment and a moment of jubilation, a moment lost to Germans who suffered under Hitler, to Russians and Chinese under a string of murderers even greater.

It is also a moment well worth every expense, every drop of blood our nation has shed. If only we could have done the same early enough against Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, et al.

Tonight, though, we join our Iraqi friends here and abroad in their joy at the butcher’s final fall. We can all rejoice, at the end of so much suffering, at the beginning of so many possibilities for so many innocents, and at the end of the long Iraqi night.