by Rod D. Martin
January 23, 2007

Oh, the Dems HATE this part!  It was just weeks ago that Pelosi was telling us there is no al Qaeda in Iraq (note that our enemy in Iraq has a name, which it gave itself: “Al Qaeda in Iraq”).  They don’t want to hear these guys want to kill us, much less kill us here (note that just last week, we were reading news reports of Iraqi al Qaeda cells’ plans for attacks in the U.S.).  They continue to pretend that what’s happening in Iraq has nothing to do with the War on Terror.

They’re wrong.  Bush is right.  Period.

But he’s not just right about the nature of the enemy.  He’s right that free people do not normally breed such social pathologies.  He’s right that for the sake of our own security, we must not only root out the terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere, we must nurture the longings of the people there for freedom and security and prosperity.  He’s right to point out that this goes far beyond the military aspect:  the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, the election of a parliament in Afghanistan, the not one or two but three enormously successful free elections in Iraq and the approval of the only democratic constitution in the entire Arab world.

He’s right to realize that the terrorists are focusing their efforts against the innocents in these countries because they must snuff out this march toward freedom before they themselves are snuffed out.

For the terrorists, Iraq is do-or-die.  One has to be very tuned out or very stupid not to realize this.  And we can begin to secure the whole world’s future through victory.  The issue is not price or time:  the issue is decisively defeating the enemy.  Nothing else will do; and the price for failure will be paid in blood and on these shores.