by Rod D. Martin
January 23, 2007

Exactly the right note.  The issue is not the energy itself:  we just survived $3/gallon gas without a recession, and America has vast untapped energy reserves and new technologies coming online.  The issue is that every barrel we buy of foreign oil pays for the bullets our enemies fire at our men in Iraq, the bombs they explode in our cities.  We need to be energy self-sufficient not because of economics but because we need to starve out our enemies.

But again, I’m pretty skeptical.  The President has pushed for sensible energy policy — including the alternative sources liberals claim to love — in every single State of the Union in his Presidency.  Democrats have done their best to block him every time.  They talk a good fight, but they don’t want to drill — anywhere! — they don’t want refineries built, they don’t want any of the things necessary to give Chavez, Ahmedinejad and the Saudis a black eye.

But he’s up here saying the right things, and six years show he means them.  We’ll definitely be there to support him.