by Rod D. Martin
January 23, 2007

The President’s three economic priorities:

1. Balance the budget.  The President’s call for spending discipline is just right, and had it only come two years sooner, there would be no “Speaker Pelosi”.  He is just right to say no taxes are needed to do this too:  the goal to cut the deficit (a product of 9/11, the recession, and the war) in half by 2009 was reached two years early, purely through economic growth.  More growth — meaning more prosperity for more Americans — is the key, not new taxes which would punish everyone.

2. Ending earmarks.  Ditto above note about “Speaker Pelosi”.  Too late, but not too little.

3. Entitlement reform.  This is one of TheVanguard.Org’s biggies, not for fiscal discipline alone but so that everyone has a better life than our flawed semi-socialist systems provide.  It will be interesting to hear what the President has to say about this — particularly in regard to health care — in the next hour.