by Rod D. Martin
May 28, 2013

Politico reports that the incestuous, self-serving, utterly inept internet “strategy” the RNC has adopted for 2014 isn’t playing well in Silicon Valley.  Hard to imagine why not, given the money quote from the article:  “But the Valley engineers who would build the platform say Boyce has been unwilling to engage with them — which the Obama campaign excelled at in 2012 — and is resistant to using anything the Obama campaign did as a model.”

Brilliant.  Just brilliant.

But let’s be real here.  This party leadership — the fake one we elect at the RNC and the real one over at Karl Rove’s Crossroads — isn’t interested in any solution that doesn’t involve their getting 15% of the ad buy…and their buddies getting another 15%, and their buddies getting another 15%, and on and on till the end of time.  Win?  God forbid:  that might mean new consultants horning in, or worse, a President at the top of the totem pole instead of them.

It’s sickening to watch.  The country is in genuine trouble, and these guys are fighting over how best to fleece the aging Republican donor base.

Read and weep.