The Rod Martin Report – Final Pre-Election Update

Final Pre-Election Update     Dear Friend, Vote. Vote now. And take friends. As you well know from The Rod Martin Report, from, and from my constant stream of updates on Facebook, I have been warning for well over a year now that...

The Rod Martin Report – October 13, 2018

The Rod Martin Report - October 13, 2018     The Kavanaugh Surge House Update: Stronger Than Reported Senate Update (Race by Race): Huge GOP Shift The Democrats vs. Their Own Coalition The Victories You're Not Hearing How We Got The First...

The Rod Martin Report – August 14, 2018

Who’ll win in November: my election preview; PLUS, Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor; Secure elections? Here’s how; It’s the economy, stupid; Blacks and Hispanics turn sharply toward Trump; and more. It’s all here, in this week’s Rod Martin Report.

The Rod Martin Report – April 14, 2018

Jim Comey, Paul Ryan, Andrew McCabe, November, the economy, Syria and more; PLUS: What Americans think about America, and why it matters.

The Rod Martin Report – February 24, 2018

The Rod Martin Report - February 24, 2018     Dear Friends, As you know, the Rod Martin Report normally provides in-depth analysis of several of the week's key events and how they fit into the "bigger picture". But every so often, one event is of such great...

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