by Rod D. Martin
March 27, 2007

In a non-binding vote, the Senate voted to withdraw all troops from Iraq by March of next year, telegraphing to al Qaeda our intention to give them the Middle East and cower in fear waiting for the next 9/11.

We are reminded of this quote from Princeton Islamic scholar Bernard Lewis in his The Crisis of Islam:

One of the most surprising revelations in the memoirs of those who held the American embassy in Tehran from 1979 to 1981 was that their original intention had been to hold the building and the hostages for only a few days. They changed their minds when statements from Washington made it clear that there was no danger of serious action against them. They finally released the hostages, they explained, only because they feared that the president-elect, Ronald Reagan, might approach the problem “like a cowboy.”

Note that the Senate vote — which included Republican traitor Chuck Hagel plus 49 Democrats — did not in any way address the fact that the Surge is working, that violence in Baghdad is down 80% over the past month, U.S. casualties are down 50%, Sadr’s militia has completely disbanded and gone into hiding, the Iraqi economy is booming at a 14% growth rate (almost twice China’s!), and recent polls show that the great majority of Iraqis believe they are far better off now than before the war.

In short, what we’re doing is working. And now the Democrats — the party of surrender throughout the 70s and 80s — are trying to sell us down the river once again.

We can fight these terrorists there or we can fight them here. We can keep our word to the innocents in Iraq or we can deliver them to the slaughter. We can be honorable and safe or we can support the Democrats.

But we can’t do both.