by Rod D. Martin
November 22, 2022

Cody Libolt asked, “What about Facebook are you thankful to God for?” Some people answer “nothing at all”, which is predictable. But I strongly disagree.

I am extremely thankful for Facebook and for social media generally. Though it has its flaws, it is run by flawed people, and it is entirely populated by sinners, this is true of every other community and technological advance because the world is fallen. Criticisms rooted in that are broadly applicable and by no means condemn the new more than the old.

I am grateful for the vastly increased community. I am grateful for the ability to reconnect — and remain connected — with old friends I’d lost track of. I am grateful to share moments in friends’ and family’s lives instantly in real time, moments that would previously have gone unshared. I am grateful to meet countless new and wonderful people and forge relationships otherwise impossible or at least improbable. I am grateful for a decentralized news platform that allows us to get around the centralized hostile media of my youth. I am grateful for the ability to organize for constructive action at a fraction of the former cost, for any purpose whatsoever. I could go on for hours.

Technology always disrupts. We always think disruption is bad, because we are used to our old ways. But technology is merely thinking God’s thoughts after Him: it is His glory to hide a matter, and our glory to search them out. What we do with what we find will always be tainted by sin, but it is not what proceedeth into a man which defiles him: it is what proceeds from him that defiles him. Every advance is good: whether we use every advance for good is up to us.

Facebook, and social media generally, have facilitated a lot of harm. But they have brought absolutely immeasurable good into the world. And God is to be praised for that, as He is for all things.

What About Facebook are You Thankful to God For? originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin