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Rod D. MartinYou’re getting this week’s edition a day earlier than normal because I’m off to the Council for National Policy meeting.

Trump is still up in South Carolina, but a new WSJ/NBC poll out last night has Cruz in the lead nationally: Cruz 28%, Trump 26%, Rubio 17%, Kasich 11%, Jeb! 4% (and yeah, that’s gotta hurt).

Does this mean anything? Well first of all, it’s a national poll, so it doesn’t mean much for South Carolina, where most polling still shows Trump way ahead. Second, the outcome in South Carolina will certainly affect future polling; and third, it must be noted that this poll is an outlier, at least among public polls.

Even so, this poll shows a seven-point drop for Trump since he started calling everyone but himself a liar, and began suggesting George W. Bush knew in advance about 9/11. If it’s valid, it’s the first poll to show any consequences of those broadsides. And it also shows that Ted Cruz is weathering the storm far better than many think.

The Democrat race is even more interesting. Sanders has pulled even with Hillary in Nevada, which absolutely WAS NOT supposed to happen. Hillary’s people are scrambling, saying things like “Nevada’s too white to be a fair test.”

Seriously? Memo to Hillary: America is only 12.61% black. Eventually you’re going to have to win a few white people.

As I described last week, Hillary is getting slaughtered with millennials (83% against, across racial lines) and with the 1/3 of Democrat voters who say “honest and trustworthy” is their top priority (95% to 5% against). She’s in a lot of trouble. Nationally, Bernie’s closed the gap to just ten points. And MSNBC is openly fretting about her chances in South Carolina.

Let’s be perfectly clear. If Hillary loses Nevada, she’s in grave trouble in South Carolina. And if she wins there by much less than expected — much less loses outright — Sanders is as likely as not to roll her up in the weeks following.

One last thing before I close. The loss of Antonin Scalia this weekend was tragic on many levels. But it’s certainly a wake-up call for this race. You’ll want to read our article (below) on this. You ought to want to vote for the person best qualified to pick Supreme Court Justices: Scalia is just the first, with as many as four more likely to be named by the next President.

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P.S. For the third week, I will be guest authoring Dr. Jack Wheeler’s “Half-Full Report” at ToThePointNews.com, as I’ll be doing throughout the month of February (here’s last week’s, which is still highly relevant).

P.P.S. Oh, I almost forgot (and in fact, I had completely forgotten until this past week): it turns out that I completely predicted Trump’s strategy almost six years ago! There’s a reason his words work, it is highly relevant to the Republican Party’s future, and you won’t want to miss it: just scroll down.


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