by Rod D. Martin
November 27, 2020

While we’re being thankful, I’d like to express my public thankfulness yet again for Mitch McConnell.

In refusing to cave after the, ahem, sudden death of Antonin Scalia, Mitch McConnell saved the Republic in 2016. Whatever else the man has ever done or ever will do, he’s a first-rank national hero. And the other side wouldn’t have to be burning down cities or stealing elections so blatantly that 79% of Republicans and even 30% of Democrats can see it if Mitch McConnell had just “gone along” in February 2016.

The Socialists have to be blatant now because they weren’t able to utterly subvert and upend our liberties and our Constitutional system through “business as usual” then.

Heroes frequently arise from unlikely places. In 2015, no one would have imagined Mitch McConnell a hero. Nor Donald Trump. Nor a host of others, some you had heard of, some you had not.

But God is not constrained by your powers of imagination.

So give thanks for these men (and women), and especially Mitch McConnell.

And fight on. Because the fight is far from lost.

In Praise of Mitch McConnell originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.