by Rod D. Martin
February 1, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today blasted GOP Senators for not permitting more witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.

This is a sick joke. The House called all the witnesses it wanted, refusing to call any except the ones it thought would help itself, and denying any witnesses for the defense whatsoever. So the only witnesses are the ones Pelosi chose, and there were zero witnesses for the President at all.

She could have called more witnesses for as long as she wanted. She told us the House had to rush impeachment through because it had to be acted on so urgently.

And then she sat on the articles of impeachment for a month and wouldn’t even send them to the Senate while she played politics.

Why didn’t she use that month, or any number of months, to call more witnesses?

Oh, but that’s not in the trial, you say. Funny: because these are exactly the same trial rules Bill Clinton got, and that the Democrats — including Pelosi — demanded for him. The House establishes the evidentiary record, the Senate judges what they assemble.

There was nothing “urgent” about impeachment. The game was to label Trump “impeached” as quickly as possible, and then to draw out the process as long as possible, to try to hurt his re-election. Always.

In other words, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats are “tampering with an American election,” “hacking our democracy”. And they have to, because as they keep telling us, they know they’re going to lose to Trump this fall.

These people are would-be dictators. These are not your father’s Democrats. They say they’re Socialists and they are. And God help us if you ever let them have real power.


Pelosi’s Hypocritical Demand for More Witnesses originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.