The President Must Continue to Prioritize American Sovereignty


November 6, 2017
Washington, D.C.

In a world of continuing and multifaceted threats, strong action from the executive is necessary to protect America’s national security interests and keep her citizens safe. We applaud President Trump’s recent speech to the United Nations as a much-needed declaration of America’s sovereignty and a tribute to America’s enduring international legacy as a free democracy.

After nearly a decade of mixed messages about America’s role in the world, President Trump’s speech provided refreshing and necessary clarity about America’s priorities. Trump made clear to the international community that he while seeks their cooperation in confronting global threats, America will not be deterred in engaging individual states whose actions threaten our security.

However, Trump also paid tribute to the compassionate, humanitarian impulses that have made America a force for good in the world. America continues to be a beacon for freedom around the world, welcoming refugees to our shores, and supporting the health, welfare, and liberty of burdened peoples around the globe.

In his speech, President Trump highlighted America’s strength, sovereignty, and compassion. With these three priorities in mind, we recommend that the President take the following steps.

Beware of agency bureaucrats acting against the policies of the Administration. We urge the Secretary of State and the President to fill many of the currently vacant spots within the State Department, and address reported ideological differences within the National Security Council (NSC). Without the presence of individuals committed to the president’s foreign policy agenda, career officials are free to act as they see fit – even if it is against the president’s priorities.

For example, multiple press reports have suggested that Thomas Shannon, a career foreign service officer currently serving as undersecretary for political affairs, is actively seeking to block White House efforts to impose economic sanctions on Venezuela. This has caused the White House and the State Department to speak with two different voices on the issue, creating confusion on the administration’s official policies.

Clarity in diplomatic and foreign affairs is of paramount importance. U.S. diplomats should speak with one voice – that of the President of the United States. Secretary of State Tillerson and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster should act with haste to fill the State Department and the NSC with people who are committed to the president’s agenda, and ensure that Obama-era holdovers are swiftly replaced.

Repeal the Iran deal. One of President Obama’s most damaging legacies remains his nuclear agreement with Iran. Not only is the U.S. effectively paying Iran to become a nuclear state, Iran is doing so while in flagrant violation of the U.S.-Iran agreement.

The whole world has watched as the Iranians have consistently violated significant tenets of the deal, including: exceeding limits on uranium enrichment and production of heavy water; illicit efforts at international procurement of dual-use nuclear and missile technology; and obstruction international inspection efforts.

In addition to noncompliance, the Iranian regime has been outright hostile to U.S. interests, conducting multiple ballistic missile tests, detaining U.S. sailors in 2016, quadrupled financial support for Hezbollah proxy organization and reinvigorated ties with Hamas and other Islamic groups.

At the United Nations, President Trump had strong words for the Iranian government as it continues to fund terrorism around the world and against its own citizens. The President rightly called the Iran agreement “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into,” and “an embarrassment to the United States.”

Moreover, the tenets of the Iran agreement clearly merit its designation as a treaty, which is subject to the consent of the Senate before implementation. By taking unilateral action, the Obama administration circumvented the Senate’s prerogative to consent to this action. The Corker resolution did not correct this violation, but actually stood the constitutional provision on its head. It is imperative that this be corrected.

The U.S.-Iran agreement cannot stand if it provides cover for Iran’s development of a nuclear program, and circumvents the Senate’s constitutional role in the treaty making process. President Trump should withdraw the United States from this agreement.

Replace acting ambassadors whose rogue activities are out of step with President Trump’s agenda and threaten to destabilize U.S. relationships. Secretary Tillerson should act with haste to nominate ambassadors that will replace Obama-era holdovers, and the Senate should swiftly confirm them. Conservatives have expressed concern that some acting ambassadors are working to enforce policies that do not reflect the values of this administration and are abrasive and disruptive to our relationship with the host nation.

In Romania, for example, Romanian pastors and like-minded citizens have been working for over a decade to pass a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. The amendment is again coming up for a vote in the Romanian Parliament, and reports suggest that its advocates are facing strong interference from U.S. Ambassador and Obama appointee, Hans Klemm.

President Trump has prioritized religious liberty at home and abroad, and his representatives around the world should do the same. It is imperative that new ambassadors that can adequately reflect Trump’s values of religious liberty be appointed and confirmed, without delay.

Move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. During his campaign for president, Donald Trump called Jerusalem “the eternal capital for the Jewish people,” and pledged to move the U.S. embassy there. Such a move will send a strong signal of support to our closest ally in the Middle East, and be a physical manifestation of our commitment to their protection.

While we understand that an embassy move must comply with U.S. security interests, we urge the President to publicly reaffirm his commitment to moving the embassy, and to do so as soon as possible.

Prevent North Korea from becoming a nuclear state. We applaud the President’s strong stance against North Korea, and urge him to stand firm in the face of continued North Korean aggression. Despite the actions of multiple presidents, North Korea continues to obtain warheads, test ballistic missiles, and build a nuclear capacity. This arms buildup needs to be stopped, and North Korea’s arsenal disassembled.

The President rightly called on “all nations to work together to isolate the Kim regime,” and called on United Nations member states to do more to engage in this effort. The United States should continue to lead on imposing tough sanctions, and demand the cooperation and compliance of the international community – specifically countries like China, that arm, supply and financially support North Korea as it pursues nuclear conflict.

Finally, if the North Korean regime fails to respond to these economic pressures, the administration should signal its preparedness to take strong military steps.

President Trump forcefully noted this at the United Nations, highlighting America’s “great strength and patience,” but also America’s commitment to self-defense and defense of its allies. The administration should continue to make clear it will take aggressive steps to contain the North Korean threat if necessary.



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