by Rod D. Martin
March 12, 2018

Can any of my liberal friends tell me what Barack Obama did to earn a Nobel Peace Prize, in his first month in office (when he won it), or at any point after that?

Did he bring peace between countries that had fought multiple bitter wars like Egypt and Israel (Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat)?

Did he peacefully end some long-term horror like Apartheid (Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk) or Jim Crow (Martin Luther King)?

Did he fight for human rights behind the Iron Curtain and help overthrow decades of Soviet tyranny (Lech Walesa, Andrei Sakharov)?

Did he rebuild Europe after a devastating war (George C. Marshall)?

Did he avert a global famine (Norman Borlaug)?

In fact, is there a single war or ongoing tragedy Barack Obama ended? And if you can think of something I’m missing, did it happen in the less-than-a-month between his Inauguration and his winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

And if we politicize things like the Nobel Peace Prize to such a tragically laughable degree, do they even mean anything anymore?

Maybe we should give him a Grammy too.

Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize
Image linked to BBC News article

— Geir Lundestad Regrets Obama Peace Prize originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.