by Rod D. Martin
July 17, 2006

Though many of us would contend that the war (too often referred to as “Cold”) between the USSR and its colonial empire vs. the United States and its free world allies was in fact the third world war, nevertheless, Speaker Gingrich’s case (released today) that the clash of civilizations now in progress is the next one is compelling, regardless of its number. An excerpt:

“The recent attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel — with the active political, financial and military support of Iran and Syria — are just the latest acts in a war I am now firmly convinced is frighteningly similar to a Third World War. It is a war that pits civilization and the rule of law against the dictatorships of Iran and Syria and the terrorist groups of Hezbollah and Hamas that they support. It is also a war that pits civilized nations against Islamic terrorist groups around the world, including, most significantly (but not exclusively), the al Qaeda network.

“In the United States, we refer to this struggle as the “Global War on Terror”. Yet, I believe this label fails to capture the nature and scale of the threat faced by civilization.”

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