by Rod D. Martin
June 6, 2016

So I just have to ask: if it were Mitt Romney criticizing the grossly unfair actions on an Obama-appointed federal judge who’s an open member of a racist group (“La Raza”, which actually MEANS “the Race”), one that wants the southwestern U.S. to secede from the Union and either rejoin Mexico or become a new racist kleptocracy called Aztlan…if it were Mitt Romney, or Bill Kristol, criticizing this jerk, would conservative pundits be calling them racists?

And were these guys racists and “threatening the rule of law” all those times they were criticizing Loretta Lynch, or John Roberts for Obamacare, or the entire Roe Court, or Sandra Day O’Connor, or a thousand others?

To hear some of them talk, you’d believe it was now a conservative principle that we must never criticize a federal judge. And again, the mind boggles.

Trump may well be the devil. He certainly — at the very least — stuck his foot in it this weekend over Curiel. But most of what I’m seeing from his conservative opponents is selective outrage and confirmation bias.

It’s not helping your case guys.