by Rod D. Martin
August 15, 2017

Racism is evil. It is absolutely antithetical to the Gospel and to a free and just society, no matter who practices it.

Which is why I’m terribly proud of my President tonight. He’s virtually the only leader we have with the guts to tell the truth.

Antifa is a racist fascist movement akin to the Brown Shirts. Will anyone on the left denounce it as it unleashes violence week after week across this country? No. Elements of #BLM are virulently and openly racist, and have murdered police officers repeatedly because of their twisted Black Nationalist ideology. Will anyone on the left disavow them? No: they “explain” that their violence is America’s fault.

Is it not as clear as a punch in the face that White Nationalism and Black Nationalism are two sides of the same horrifying coin, that giving quarter to either is wicked, and that giving preference to one vs. the other is equivalent to opposing ISIS while cheerleading for al Qaeda?

Some on the left would say that they have no need to denounce their thugs, because it is self-evident they oppose them. But if that is so self-evident (and I don’t believe that’s self-evident at all), why then must every Republican repeatedly denounce one and only one form of this wicked thuggery, on demand, or be presumed a monster? Indeed, why is denouncing the Klan — which no decent person supports — mandatory for Republicans but not Democrats, when Democrats founded it and perpetrated it into modern times? And why do so many supposedly decent Democrats defend their modern racists with impunity, and even call those who oppose that racism racists?

Every day we hear of leftists newly segregating graduation ceremonies, college orientations, even dormitories. This is pure evil, presented deceitfully as “Social Justice”, no different than when the Klan demanded exactly the same things in the name of “Racial Justice”. Where is Jim Acosta, denouncing this and demanding Barack Obama denounce this? And where was he, after Charlottesville or Dallas or Baltimore or Berkeley, denouncing it and demanding Barack Obama denounce it?

Some racism, some violence, apparently is A-OK.

ALL racism is evil. And for all the talk of “racial reconciliation” by the media, the left, and even certain preachers, there will be NO racial reconciliation or any other kind of reconciliation until we are honest enough to call that evil by its name, whoever commits it, refuse to tolerate their violence, and demand better of them all, left or right, white or black, or anyone else whosoever.

Donald Trump did that. And the left freaked out for precisely one reason: they cherish their racism, they love their divisiveness, and the one sin you may never commit is to deny their pretended monopoly on virtue.

There can be no healing — and there will be a lot more strife — until we can be honest about these things, no matter how many partisans, preachers and pundits tell us otherwise. The fake reconciliation of a new racism from a new favored group will produce the same result as the old racism by the old favored group.

And one more thing: fidelity to the Gospel requires this honesty. Because pretending guilty people are innocent for the sake of a fake, manufactured peace — for none are innocent before the Lord — is not the Gospel, but rather that old heresy the Social Gospel. Refusing to assert that “there is no Jew or Greek, there is no slave or free”, it instead allows that one side can commit any sin it wants, because another side committed other sins long ago, and vengeance is mine sayeth the left.

That is not the grace of Christ. It’s the arrogance of Lamech. And the church has a duty to oppose it, just as Donald Trump did today.