by Rod D. Martin
November 8, 2012

It’s been about ten minutes since the election and already, here come the cries for a third party.

I have written and spoken extensively on why third parties are a delusion at best and a one-way ticket to wiping out our own side for a generation (or more:  check out 1912) at worst.  A good bit of that is posted at

But much of that centers on Christian conservatives who can’t organize a bake sale and yet think the three or four of them can create ex nihilo a winning national party.  These fine folks believe that right makes might (ala Goldwater ’64) or that God, quite literally deus ex machina, will deliver them across the political Red Sea (and well He might, but this does not constitute a strategy).  John Hayward’s piece in today’s Human Events, however, deals with that other irritable bunch, the libertarians and fiscal conservatives.  Many of these folks are far more might-makes-right, if by “might” you mean “money”, when it comes to their politics, which is ironic given their political ideology.

Oh well.  Wrong is still wrong, either way.  John Hayward — as usual — brilliantly explains why, in “The Libertarian Matrix”.