Dear Friends,

Rod D. Martin

Rod D. Martin

Many thanks for your extremely warm reception to our first-ever “Letters From Rod” last week.  It meant a lot to me to receive so many encouraging notes from all of you. Please forward “Letters From Rod” to friends you believe might be like-minded:  I’d appreciate you for it, and so will they.

So why am I still featuring my fifth great-grandfather, General Joseph Martin, a week after Fourth of July? Because Dinesh D’Souza’s America is still in theatres! It really is fantastic,  and you are doing yourself and those around you a great disservice if you don’t learn what’s in it. I can’t endorse it strongly enough. (The book and the soundtrack are great too.) This is stuff everyone needs to know, and in many cases, hardly anyone knows.

My Founding Father ancestor is also a good launching point from whom to discuss an issue that seems (strangely) to vex more and more younger Christians, specifically, Was the American Revolution Sinful?

joseph martin

Gen. Joseph Martin

Thinking about this from a 21st century perspective rather than an 18th century perspective greatly clouds the issue and, I’m finding, has already led to a lot of perverse logic.  I correct that in the linked article.

The Palestinian attacks on Israel raise the seemingly unending issue of what must be done to bring about peace in that region.  It is very much worth your considering that There Already Is A Palestine (which is the headline of an article I’ve written for the Center for Security Policy), something too few people realize. But recently, Caroline Glick has re-examined Palestinian census data, discovered it is pure propaganda, and suggests what perhaps might be a more radical solution in her The Israel Solution. I may actually like her solution better than my own.

Finally, having been in a bit of a nostalgic mood this week, I’d like to refer you to an article I wrote about the future, specifically, the entire 21st century ahead.

Sherri with our dear friend Star Parker, who just does a fantastic job in Dinesh D'Souza's America.

Sherri with our dear friend Star Parker, who just does a fantastic job in Dinesh D’Souza’s America.

The twist?  I wrote it for New Year’s Day 2001.  I think you’ll agree it’s held up pretty well so far, with only about 86 years to go.  Please take a minute to read my The New American Century.

Again, thank you for reading my letter this week, and for all your positive feedback.  It meant — and means — a lot.

For Freedom,



P.S. No kidding: go see Dinesh D’Souza’s America. I just did again. It was better the second time..


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