by Rod D. Martin
November 1, 2018

LATEST GENERIC BALLOT NUMBERS (remembering that historically, the Republicans win the House at D+5 or better): as of this morning, Rasmussen has it D+3, YouGov D+5, Ipsos D+7, Morning Consult D+8, Harris D+9.

Last week, Harris was D+6. But also last week, McLaughlin was D+2, and on balance, I’d take McLaughlin over nearly all of these guys.

BTW, that Ipsos D+7 has been holding for about a week, as has the Rasmussen D+3.

I want to stress that, at this point, what’s happening in individual races is far more important than these numbers. If I have time, I’ll get out some last minute details over the weekend. But suffice it to say, you need to GO VOTE NOW, and take friends: as many of them as you possible can.

ALSO, be encouraged on this point: as of Friday, Florida Democrats were putting out the word that almost 750,000 Democrat mail-in ballots have NOT been collected. Republicans have been significantly ahead on this score in all but one key battleground state for over a month, so this could (I stress could) be a good sign.

Keep fighting, as if the world depended on it. It just might.


— Latest Generic Ballot Numbers originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.