by Rod D. Martin
March 1, 2020

That would be roughly zero.

Socialism is purely parasitic. It builds nothing, it creates nothing. It feeds off of capitalism, it could not exist without capitalism. Because it feeds on what freedom creates like a leach, like a virus, until the host is rotting, and it must go on to feed on its next victim.

Its end, if allowed to fester, is a debased, decayed, medieval waste, characterized by shared misery and shocking tyranny.

It must be fought with all tenacity.

And should you not believe in Socialism’s parasitic nature, look no further than the meme below. If Socialism creates utopias, why do legions of Americans not emigrate to countries which embrace it, why do those subjected to it invariably seek to overthrow it, and why do its rulers enact capital controls and even physical barriers to force their populations to remain?

Indeed, is this not the great joke about Trump’s wall? Our supposedly horrifyingly oppressive society must erect walls to keep hundreds of millions from swarming in all at once, people largely coming from these very “workers paradises” that so often seek to keep people (or at least their money) in.

Those who have ears, let them hear. The virus ever spreads.


Socialism is Purely Parasitic originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.