by Rod D. Martin
October 18, 2020

Some continue to condemn Donald Trump as a womanizer (while conveniently ignoring Joe Biden’s unending unwanted sexual advances, even on children, in public). So let’s think about that. Is Trump the man they claim?

Trump has been President for four years now. He hasn’t had as much as a single allegation of a current affair.

That seems unlikely for a “compulsive sex hound”, don’t you think? It honestly surprised me.

There’s more. The most “recent” allegation against Trump is now 15 years old. It’s only evidence consists of (1) the word of a stripper/porn star, and (2) an NDA “negotiated” two weeks before the last election by her attorney, since indicted by two separate federal prosecutors for 32 counts of extortion.

Is this believable?

It’s certainly easy to understand why Trump paid off the lying stripper and her criminal lawyer. It was two weeks before the election. And they’d alleged he slept with her shortly after his marriage. What’s $120K vs. risking your relationship with your beloved wife and child?

Especially to a billionaire.

Plus, the “mark” denies he slept with her, strenuously. Now 15 years ago. Is there any reason to believe he did it, based on evidence, aside from just hating him? No.

That was 15 years ago. There’s not even a credible allegation of dalliance since. 15 years is a long time, especially if he’s the kind of man the NeverTrumpers claim. Does anyone think such a person could keep his pants zipped so long?

Clinton couldn’t. And he was smart, and his career was on the line too.

Now before 15 years ago Trump certainly did bad things. He’s admitted it. Long ago he even bragged about it.

Long ago. Not in the last 15 years. If he had, the entire media in unison would have told you, breathlessly, over and over by now.

I find that remarkable.

But what I find more remarkable is the Christians who cannot discern real repentance when they see it. Maybe not saving faith: I can’t know that. But actual concrete long-term change. Matt. 21:28-32 change.

Shouldn’t Christians, pastors especially, readily see such a fundamental change in someone? Leopards don’t change their spots. Philanderers philander. They tend to get worse with age, not better.

Donald Trump has changed. He’s gotten better. All evidence suggests he’s been a faithful husband to Melania and father to Barron. Christians — and especially pastors — should rejoice at this, and marvel at what God has done.

Because as bad as “The Donald” once was, surely only God could have done it.

Instead, some of them continue to traffic in gossip, hearsay, and probably slander. Like Satan they accuse, without evidence, constantly attacking him for sins long buried.

Will they also hold your long-ago repented sins over your head forever?

Many of these same pastors have embraced Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. These anti-Christian worldviews demand exactly that: permanent guilt for ancient sins, some you haven’t even committed, some that others committed centuries before you were born.

To them, repentance, forgiveness, mercy, grace, all are impossible.

Donald Trump’s life is a rebuke to them. He doesn’t say or act the way they demand, and yet he accomplishes good they swore he’d never even attempt. So they accuse him of sins he’s (obviously) long cast off so they can feel superior.

Shame on them. They should be cheering him on, and praying for his redemption if he is not redeemed already.

And they should be grateful that God uses such earthen vessels to do His work, to stand against the sorts of evil his opponent openly works to advance, the murder of infants, the sexual mutilation of children, and countless other horrors.

Because earthen vessels are all there are. And whatever Trump’s past sins, there but for the grace of God go we all.

I never imagined I’d be able to defend the character of Donald Trump. But I can. He’s proven he’s a changed man.

Would that his moralizing self-righteous Pharisaical “evangelical” opponents could bring themselves to admit it. Time is short, and all civilization stands at an ominous crossroads.

But fortunately, by God’s grace, though those leaders will not see, 90% of the Christians in their pews do.

On Continued Sexual Accusations Against Trump originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.