by Rod D. Martin
May 4, 2017

So the House passed the first phase of Obamacare repeal and replace.

It is a better bill than the one six weeks ago. It is a very serious step in the right direction.

It’s also a lot less than it should have been. For that you can thank the bungling of Speaker Paul Ryan, and the dishonesty of the “Tuesday Group” RINOs who voted for full repeal and replace repeatedly over the past seven years, only to stab us all in the back now.

Be clear: this is a small minority of the House Republicans. But it’s just enough to make it impossible to pass legislation without at least some of them. They need to be brought to heel (back to Ryan’s bungling) or replaced at the next election. “The Republicans” aren’t the problem: they are.

More on that — and a bit of what Donald Trump can do about it (which you’ll love) in this week’s Rod Martin Report and on the Rod Martin Show.

In any case, this is a win — including the defunding of Planned Parenthood that didn’t make it into last week’s CR — albeit not as big a win as we had a right to hope. It’s certainly a huge improvement on six weeks ago. And Donald Trump has promised us a phase two and a phase three of fixing health care, and I’m long past being overly concerned that he doesn’t mean his promises. So we’ll see.

And we’ll keep working. Now we go to the Senate. And this is far from over.