by Rod D. Martin
January 22, 2007

I’m on a conference call with Karl Rove right now, and he’s just outlined in brief what the President is trying to do with his health plan, widely attacked already as a tax hike even though no one has heard the State of the Union yet.

Well, I’d like to see more details just like everyone else; but what I hear sounds like anything but a tax hike, and a big step toward what we need:  a shift in the system toward greater tax breaks for individuals, small business owners and the uninsured who need to purchase health insurance, and a shift away from the old semi-socialist system that gives the whole tax break to giant Democrat donors, er, corporations.

In other words, as he’s done throughout his term, the President wants to use the free market to help the little guy.  And that’s our position exactly.

Stay tuned.  It will be interesting to see the plan itself.  But what Karl Rove just told me sounds very good.

P.S. No matter what the President announces in his State of the Union, his efforts to enact and expand Health Savings Accounts, the single greatest health care (and economic) reform of our time, have been excellent and continue to be a centerpiece of his plan.