by Rod D. Martin
July 10, 2014

This meme has been floating around Facebook this week, and what it doesn’t say is bigger than what it says. If you take out just four cities — four cities run by Democrats for a century or more, with the world’s strictest gun control laws and only 1.5% of the U.S. population — America has almost no murders.

So. . . Get rid of four corrupt Democrat cities and every known argument for gun control collapses.

FFL123 Guncontrol and cities

Source: Federal Firearm License Experts

By the way, gun grabbers like to point to the very polite English as a case for gun control, but they tend to leave out other, less convenient countries.  Switzerland, for instance, enrolls all citizens as reservists and sends them home with automatic weapons, mortars and “worse.”  It has basically no crime, despite being a multilingual (four!) culture with a history of war.  Israel?  Pretty much ditto.  And closer to home, in Honduras, the murder rate is ten times that of the United States…while the gun ownership rate is just ten percent.

Criminalize guns and only criminals will own them. But in Heinlein’s words, “an armed society is a polite society.” A funny thing, facts.