by Rod D. Martin
June 28, 2019

I’ve been telling you for years, and a lot of you thought it was hyperbole. This week, every single Democrat Presidential candidate said I was right all along.

The Democrats now officially — all of them — intend to decriminalize illegally crossing the border. That means anyone who wants to come here can come, and stay, without permission or “vetting”, forever.

And to make sure they all do come, every Democrat candidate intends to give all illegals free healthcare and a free college education. Just for starters.

Who wouldn’t come? 

Even before they announced that unanimous position, that open door / massive bribe, this week, a recent poll (which I posted for you) showed that almost a billion people would come here if they could. A billion. America only has 330 million people: this would make us more crowded than India or China. But all those Indians and Chinese are, well, Indian and Chinese.

Why does a Democrat Party that’s been obsessed with “overpopulation” my whole life want to create new Calcuttas across America, where the 1/4 of the population that’s actually American works to pay for the free healthcare and college educations of the 3/4 that’s foreign and illegal? (And how high would our taxes have to go for us to pay for even a fraction of that vast throng?)


You know why.

Democrats have aborted too many of their voters. They realized that about 15 years ago. They are desperately trying to flood the country with people who’ll vote against you. And to ensure that outcome, they’ve decided they need absolutely open borders, plus bribes so big creating dependency so great that the newcomers will never support anyone who opposes them.

Remember their mantra these past several years, “demography is destiny”? Some of you thought that was a prediction. You didn’t realize it was an action plan.

This week, every single Democrat candidate literally told you they mean to make you — anyone of any sex or race who opposes this new, Socialist, one-party order — a minority in your own country, as small a minority as possible, and force you to pay for all of it. They told you this week that they mean to create a completely different country made up of completely different people, people who will rule over you.

Why? Because in becoming openly Socialists, they’ve adopted the program of all Socialists throughout history: “one party to rule us all.”

Democrats Now Officially — All of Them — Intend to Decriminalize Illegally Crossing the Border originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.