by Rod D. Martin
April 18, 2007

So says a new study from Stanford: it projects that ethanol, if used in every U.S. vehicle, would actually produce more ground-level ozone and cause more respiratory-related health problems than gas.

This comes on the heels of increasing empirical evidence that using ethanol in cars pushes corn prices into the stratosphere, only possibly reducing global warming but absolutely increasing global starving. And indeed, the latest studies indicate that if 100% of all corn (you know, that stuff we eat) were turned into fuel, it would only reduce the need for gasoline by like 15 or 20%.

So the greenies strike out again. But you should probably buy Archer Daniels Midland. And afterward, you should read my recent piece on a real alternative energy source that could actually free us from foreign oil. Predictably, many eco-nuts are against it (for no better reason than that George Bush is for it), just as they’re against drilling for the virtually unlimited oil right here (off the Florida coast, for instance) which could free us from Chavez and Ahmedinejad even quicker.