by Rod D. Martin
August 24, 2018

NeverTrumper Erick Erickson is out this morning with a piece condemning all Trump supporters as hypocrites (big shock): “If Hillary had done this, you know you’d be screaming for impeachment.”

Well no, Erick: I would not be “screaming for impeachment” for something that isn’t a crime. (And I’ll put Mark Levin, Alan Dershowitz, Cleta Mitchell and Brad Smith’s legal credentials on that point up against yours any day.)

But I would want her gone, Erick, for Benghazi; for 33,000 emails and several Blackberries she destroyed — with a hammer! — to avoid already-issued subpoenas; for keeping classified information on an illegal, unsecured private server; for using the State Department to push improper contracts to her supporters, and to receive huge bribes through the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments; and of course, the very real campaign finance violation committed when she paid Fusion GPS through straw men.

And yet, while knowing this, Erick did all he could to elect Hillary Clinton, because he hates the man he calls “Cheeto Jesus”.

Who’s the hypocrite here again?


— Erickson: Trump Supporters Are Hypocrites on Cohen originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.